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VIESA Kompressor 3

The best parking cooler for truckers’ rest.

The VIESA Kompressor 3 is the essential ally of truck drivers, providing a healthy and comfortable environment during their rest periods without affecting fuel consumption.

This parking cooler is not a substitute for the vehicle’s on-board air conditioner, but rather ensures that an optimal interior temperature is maintained once the engine is switched off.

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VIESA Kompressor is the trucker’s favourite parking cooler, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

The VIESA Kompressor 3 offers a perfect balance between climate comfort and energy consumption, achieving an ideal temperature while minimizing battery drain. In addiction, the protection system is specially designed for starter batteries of industrial vehicles.

It is maintenance-free and any repairs can be carried out by specialised workshops around the world, helping to ensure maximum convenience in its use.

Technical Specifications
the lightest on the market
installation time with only 1 technician
operating modes
recyclable and environmentally friendly

VIESA Kompressor 3: the most adaptable stationary-use conditioner on the market

The VIESA Kompressor 3 fits most commercial and industrial vehicles on the market, thanks to its dedicated kits and the roof cut kit.

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Research, experience and innovation

The VIESA Kompressor 3 has gained truckers’ trust thanks to its reliability and low consumption.
The first VIESA began as an evaporative air conditioner over 40 years ago, and now uses an innovative horizontal compressor for even greater efficiency.
Despite this evolution, it remains true to its ecological roots by using innovative materials in its production.

The result of 3 years of research in collaboration with the Department of Thermotechnics at the Florence University’s Faculty of Engineering,
the VIESA Kompressor 3 also stands out for its lightness, weighing only 14 kg, making it the lightest on the market.
Moreover, with an assembly time of just 3 hours with only one technician, it is extremely easy to install.

Sede Italcolven

Made in Italy and certified excellence with VIESA

VIESA Kompressor is manufactured in Italy in Montemurlo (Prato), by Italcolven, a company specialising in conditioning products for industrial and recreational vehicles; UNI EN ISO 9001 e UNI EN ISO 14001 certified.

Our devotion to research and development guides us in the continuous innovation of materials and solutions, ensuring that each product fully meets the needs of our customers.

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Why choose VIESA Kompressor 3.

Superior materials without compromises: VIESA Kompressor 3

Very low consumption

Thanks to its minimal weight and very low consumption, VIESA Kompressor 3 is the best solution for fuel and consequently money savings.


Base and shell are made of expanded polypropylene, an innovative material that is totally recyclable and extremely resistant.

Suitable for any truck

Various kits are available for each brand (Daf, Ford, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo, and others).

Maximum Comfort

The ultra-thin interior facia is designed so that it does not occupy the space of the passenger compartment, thus offering maximum comfort.

Fast Installation

In only three hours, a single person is able to complete the installation, ensuring significantly reduced vehicle downtime.

Customizable Color

Thanks to its revolutionary ABS cover, which can be fully painted and customised, VIESA Kompressor 3 will integrate perfectly with your vehicle’s bodywork.

Zero Maintenance

Thanks to its careful design, VIESA Kompressor 3 requires no maintenance at all, which means there are no service costs and no downtime for your vehicle.

Made in Italy quality

VIESA Kompressor 3 is designed and manufactured in Italy by Italcolven, a UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company, using top quality raw materials.

Compliant with ADR regulations

VIESA Kompressor 3 successfully completed all the tests required by ADR regulations and was also approved by the TUV certification body.

The best of technology in just 14 kg

VIESA Kompressor 3 is the lightest stationary-use conditioner on the market and beyond.
assonometria esplosa di viesa kompressor 3


Innovative material ensuring lightness, strength and thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to this special material, the use of screws is minimized and each piece perfectly interlocks. Moreover, a special paintable ABS cover can also be provided.


Its horizontal operating mode reduces space requirements in height, giving a flatter, more aerodynamic product. ● Horizontal hermetic rotary ● Brushless 24Vdc ● Three-phase BLDC ● Soft start ● Refrigerant gas: R134A (380 g) ● Oil: RB68EP (350 ml) ● RPM 2500


Airflow 500 m3/h ● 9 speeds


Copper pipe ● Hydrophilic treatment


Aluminum ● Microchannel dissipation


Thermostatics with R134a bulb ● Bulb detector for R134A ● Auto regulation according to evaporation temperature


Airflow 600 m3/h ● Water drainage ● Delayed start to avoid consumption peaks.

EPP: Expanded Polypropylene, an innovative and eco-friendly material.

The VIESA Kompressor 3 shell is made entirely of expanded polypropylene, an innovative material with remarkable characteristics.

  • Resistant to chemical,
  • does not deform,
  • high shock absorption,
  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • extremely lightweight.

What do our partners think about VIESA Kompressor 3?

Italcolven is a serious and reliable company, always listening and keeping up with the times and needs. Quality products that are highly appreciated by our customers.

Carlo BianchiSales Manager Vigia Viesa Italy (ITALY)

VIESA KOMPRESSOR 3 is a revolutionary product. Its low weight, modern design, high performance, easy installation and the availability of mounting kits for all types of trucks make it one of the leading parking coolers in the industry. The manufacturer ITALCOLVEN places great emphasis on quality, reliability and development. As a dealer, I could not ask for a better supplier.

Mgr. Jaroslava MazurováGeneral Manager COOL TRUCK s. r. o. (Czech Republic)

The Italcolven team is always looking for innovation and feedback. This is reflected in the quality of their products. When there is a problem - which is rare - the customer service team looks for a solution and quickly solves the problem, 5 stars.

Darren ReynoldsonSales Manager TRUCK ART DISTRIBUTORS (Australia)

Do you manage a fleet of industrial vehicles?

VIESA Kompressor offers the ideal solution to improve power consumption and management of your truck fleet,allowing you to keep running costs low thanks to its off-engine operation, not only saving fuel, but also reducing engine wear on your vehicles and extending battery life.
Its rapid installation (maximum 3 hours) significantly reduces downtime and allows you to gain immediate benefits.

Not only will VIESA Kompressor 3 increase the energy efficiency of your fleet, it will also guarantee your drivers optimal rest and maximum comfort in terms of climate and acoustics. This is important in order to prevent potential accidents caused by insufficient rest, helping to ensure the safety of your drivers and your goods.

Investing in VIESA Kompressor 3 will not only allow you to achieve significant savings on operational costs but will also offer you an opportunity to improve fleet management and ensure driver satisfaction.

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