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The VIESA Kompressor III offers drivers a fresh and quiet environment in which to rest.
Low power absorption allows for greater self-sufficiency with the vehicle parked, while the use of innovative materials ensures limited weight requirements and reduced vibrations, providing superior acoustic comfort.


VIESA Kompressor III is the end result of over three years of development, in partnership with the Thermotechnical Department of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Florence. Designed to guarantee the best comfort while parked, the system maintains a constant temperature within the cabin, ensuring a peaceful rest for drivers during parking breaks.

This all-new air conditioner* makes good on its promises: thanks to a rotary compressor and the right balance between performance and consumption, the VIESA Kompressor III guarantees that drivers get a good rest, without having to keep the vehicle’s engine running. During the design phase, all cost variables were evaluated, including hidden costs that are often underestimated.

The air conditioner that provides savings

Temperature regulator for use when parked with the engine off
  • Fuel savings – the driver need not power on the engine to recharge the vehicle’s batteries or turn on the air conditioner*, since the VIESA Kompressor III guarantees exceptional internal climatic comfort levels using the batteries alone.
  • Longer battery duration – reducing charging / discharging and on / off cycles also reduces stress on the batteries, increasing their useful life.
  • Reduced down time – thanks to quick and easy assembly and enhanced reliability.

This air conditioner unit* features a totally new frame, developed from molding expanded polypropylene, a lightweight material that is shock resistant (it has been in use for years to make car bumpers), in addition to being soundproof and providing an excellent level of thermal insulation.
The unit’s all new construction technology also provides a lightweight design, with the entire air conditioner* weighing in at under 14 kg, a weight reduction of over 40% compared to the VIESA Kompressor III. Less weight translates into fuel savings during journeys, also aided by the much improved aerodynamics of the Kompressor III: 15 mm lower than the previous model. Advanced aerodynamics also help lower noise levels: acoustic comfort is one of the strong suits of the new VIESA air conditioner*, which is definitely a step up, thanks to the use of innovative materials that provide significantly reduced vibrations. Note that the VIESA Kompressor III has no protruding parts inside the vehicle cabin: the air vents are flush with the cab roof, perfectly integrated to provide improved comfort (no more risk of drivers accidentally bumping their head against an air vent) and allow for the complete opening of the hatches on topside compartments.


Powerful and energy efficient, this Viesa air conditioner stands out for its silent operation. The unit’s electronics feature an accumulator protection system that is specifically designed for starting batteries on industrial vehicles. All components are derived from “automotive” technology, so that repairs and maintenance can be performed by any specialized automotive workshop anywhere in the world. Vehicle downtime is reduced thanks to the system’s quick assembly. Very few system components ultimately means maximum reliability.

Safety protections:

  • Reverse polarity.
  • Compressor short circuit, high and low consumption.
  • Ventilation short circuit, high and low consumption.
  • Extraction axle short circuit, high and low consumption.
  • Service battery high and low voltage (battery protection).
  • No coolant gas in system (excludes the cold circuit).
  • Evaporator freezing.
  • Inverter overheating.
  • System high and low pressure.

Technical Data Sheet

Command and control board functions
  • Simplified, more intuitive navigation menu.
  • Display 200% larger featuring adjustable contrast and lighting.
  • 9 fan speeds.
  • Automatic temperature setting control.
  • On/off ventilation function only.
  • Exclusion of control key sounds.
  • Self-diagnostics.
  • Total operating hours.
  • Clock.
  • Battery charge level indicator.
Technical specifications
  • Consumption for 24V Battery 12.3 Ah at 30°C external temp.
  • Consumption ventilation only from 0.9 to 2.3 Ah.
  • Customized applications for different vehicle manufacturers and models.
  • 180° rotating air vents.
  • Dimensions: H x L x D 155x780x580 mm
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • 24 Volt horizontal rotary compressor.
  • Power: 24V DC
  • Performance – 1100 Watts
  • Air flow 500 m3/hr.
  • Pre-loaded system air flow, ready to use.
  • High and low charge pressure and control valves.
  • High and low pressure protection switch.
  • Full remote control of all functions.
  • High thermal efficiency coolant.
  • Maintenance free unit.


* VIESA Kompressor III is not an alternative to the vehicle’s air conditioner, but rather a unit that maintains the cabin’s internal temperature with the engine off. It provides the best balance between climate comfort and low energy consumption. With VIESA Kompressor III drivers will never again experience problems with low batteries, since energy absorption is reduced to a bare minimum.

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