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Expanded Polypropylene EPP

An Innovative material with exceptional performance.

EPP is a plastic material with high engineering performance. Its extraordinary characteristics are some of the key elements that make Viesa Kompressor 3 an exceptional parking cooler with high technical performance.
Lightness, strength and thermal insulation combine perfectly in this innovative material, ensuring superior performance and unmatched comfort during breaks.

Paraurti auto nero

Durable and Shape-Retaining

EPP is the perfect material for Viesa Kompressor 3 mainly due to its high strength.

Resistant to chemicals such as fuel, grease, coolants, brake fluids, adblue, and others.

Shock resistance
, it absorbs the impact and thanks to its ‘memory’, after deformation it returns to its primary shape. Indeed, this characteristic makes it perfect for automotive application, e.g. for the construction of bumpers.

These features make it ideal for Viesa Kompressor III, which can be used in particular earth-moving or special vehicles, even in particularly demanding environments.

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

EPP is an excellent insulating material.
Acoustic insulation: this dampens vibrations and sound transmission, which is why the Viesa Kompressor III is extremely quiet and allows for restorative rest during the stopover.

Thermal insulation: expanded polypropylene has considerable temperature resistance, so it is not affected by temperature fluctuations.
It is therefore perfect on the Viesa Kompressor as it keeps the internal components safe and is not afraid of the temperature changes they are exposed to on journeys and trips, or on vehicles exposed to hot or, conversely, extremely cold climates.


EPP is an ultralight material that allows Viesa Kompressor III to be one of the lightest parking coolers on the market, weighing only 14 kg.
Viesa Kompressor doesn’t require heavy metal structures as each component fits perfectly into the shell.

100% Recyclable

In addition to its numerous characteristics, EPP is a 100% recyclable material. This makes Viesa Kompressor III not only technologically innovative but also environmentally friendly and respectful of the environment, allowing not only low consumption and fuel savings but also eco-sustainable disposal.

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