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Italcolven - Italian Excellence in a Boundless Journey

Viesa k3 produzione linea

The Made in Italy Worldwide

Italcolven was established in 2011 in Montemurlo, Prato province, Italy.
Originating as a small company, over the years, Italcolven has grown into a center of production for Made in Italy products serving both the national and international markets, spanning 27 countries, including Australia, Korea, Mexico, and Argentina.

Montemurlo plant produces the renowned Viesa brand air conditioners: Viesa Kompressor for the industrial vehicle and Viesa Holiday the evaporative air conditioner for recreational vehicles.

50 Years of Global Excellence

Italcolven is part of the Colven Group, founded in 1973 in Argentina, pioneering the first automatic protection system for thermal engines: Vigia.
Later was also born the Viesa brand, designed for evaporative and compressor air conditioners.

Colven Group exports its products to more than 39 countries across 5 continents.
In addition to the Italian subsidiary Italcolven, the production center of Made in Italy, and the Colven headquarters, the group also includes the subsidiaries Eurocolven in Spain,
ColvenBrasil in Brazil, Mexicolven in Mexico and ColvenUsa in the United States.

Mappa filiali gruppo COLVEN

We believe that in order to build a better world, it is necessary to work in a better, more sustainable way that is aligned with the real needs of modern world citizens.
Our values: constant challenge, enhancement of human resources, innovation, respect for surrounding environment.

Research and Development

Continuous research for innovative materials and the development of new solutions.

Design and Prototyping

In-house team of engineers and technicians, as well as next-generation prototyping machinery.


Internal selection of suppliers (mostly Italian) and testing of each individual machine.


A dedicated online platform for assistance and manuals, promoting greater autonomy.

Quality and Sustainability

Italcolven is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified, with the aim of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our products and services and achieving and increasing customer satisfaction.

As of March 2022, Italcolven also achieved UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental system certification.

In addition to the certifications we have obtained, we employ innovative and environmentally sustainable materials for our products, taking advantage of renewable energy for their operation.

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