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VIESA Kompressor 3
Technical Specifications

24V Parking Cooler

VIESA Kompressor 3 is the stationary, 24-volt powered and lightest roof-mounted truck parking cooler on the market.
Suitable for many brands of commercial vehicles and models, it fits perfectly in your truck and saves fuel while providing superior climate comfort.

Key Features of VIESA Kompressor 3

Technical Specifications of VIESA Kompressor 3

Voltage (volt DC)24 V
Current absorbed in cooling function at 30°C external12,3 Ah
Current absorbed in ventilation-only function0,9 – 2,3 Ah
Cooling capacity1100 W – 3.750 Btu
Dimensions (L x W x D)Unit 780 x 580 x 155 mm (internal mask thickness 2 mm)
Weight14 Kg / 31 lb
CompressorHorizontal rotary at 24 V
Air Orientators180° swivelling air orientators
Airflow rate500 m3/h
Refrigerant typeR134a
SystemParking Cooler, stationary roof-mounted truck air conditioner.
MaintenanceNone: hermetically sealed maintenance-free cooling circuit.
EquipmentKompressor 3 stationary-use conditioner, remote control, user manual.
Optional AccessoriesPaintable ABS cover

Functions of the control and command board:

  • Simplified and more intuitive menu navigation.
  • 200% larger display with adjustable contrast and illumination.
  • 9 fan speeds.
  • Automatic set temperature control.
  • Activation and deactivation of ventilation-only function.
  • Key sound mute.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Total working hours.
  • Timetable.
  • Battery charge level indication.


  • Polarity reversal.
  • Short circuit, low and high compressor consumption.
  • Short circuit, low and high ventilation consumption.
  • Short circuit, low and high extraction axial consumption.
  • Low and high service battery voltage (battery saver).
  • System without refrigerant gas (excludes the cooling circuit).
  • Evaporator freezing.
  • Inverter high temperature.
  • High and low system pressure.

VIESA Kompressor 3 Vehicle Kit

DAF Super Space CabI01.00221-3
DAF Space CabI01.00220-5
DAF New GenerationI01.00941-3
DAF New Generation (glass roof)I01.00961-1
FORD F-MAXI01.00430-0
IVECO StralisI01.00217-2
IVECO S-WayI01.00790-4
IVECO S-Way 2023 (from freshman 455526)I01.00983-5
MAN TG seriesI01.00647-7
MERCEDES MP3I01.00652-2
MERCEDES MP4 – MP5I01.00218-0
RENAULT T seriesI01.00219-9
RENAULT Magnum 5 seriesI01.00636-0
SCANIA R seriesI01.00215-7
SCANIA New Generation (manual opening)I01.00480-6
SCANIA New Generation (electric opening)I01.00337-9
VOLVO FH 3 seriesI01.00404-5
VOLVO FH XL series 3 (electric opening)I01.00384-0
VOLVO 4 seriesI01.00354-3

VIESA Kompressor 3 Manuals

Want to find out on which vehicles Viesa Kompressor can be installed?

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